Blis, the audience-first platform that doesn’t rely on personal data, announced the launch of its new retail hub,
hosting its new research-based e-guide and an interactive map showing regional spending habits across different retail categories.
The hub will help marketers understand consumers’ preferences and motivations as well as practical tips on overcoming today’s challenges.

Blis’ new e-guide, titled ‘The strategy flow: how retail marketers can build a smooth path in a fragmented consumer journey’ reveals a twin-speed economy:
while nearly half of Americans (44%) feel optimistic about the US economy – with 50% spending more on retail – 38% would save or invest if they had $1,000 to spend,
showing a more cautious behavior in the face of inflation.
With so many fluctuations in consumer behaviors, brands will need to focus on getting to know their audiences repeatedly.

The study goes further to explore retail shoppers’ preferences when it comes to shopping methods.
Buying in-store remains the favorite shopping method for 61% of retail shoppers in the US.
Almost all shoppers (85%) check their mobiles while shopping in-store, with nearly half (44%) checking for discount vouchers and 40% comparing prices between different stores
for an item they are about to buy.

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The research also states that while word of mouth and social media continues to influence shoppers’ decisions, 20% of consumers are influenced by ads on traditional TV.
Combined, mobile ads, CTV ads and DOOH ads influence over 40% of consumers across the retail sector.
Mobile ads alone can influence 17% of people to make a purchase, while CTV influences up to 15%, and DOOH influences nearly 10% of customers.

“I’m happy to share our new retail hub that uncovers crucial insights to help marketers this year,” said Gil Larsen, Blis’ US Managing Director. “The volatility of the past several years has created significant fluctuations in consumer behavior. Looking at what influences purchase decisions, we can see an evolving path to purchase, with CTV, mobile and DOOH now much closer to traditional TV than marketers may think. As a result, the only way for retail brands to grow this year is to get the right cross-screen strategy in place by relying on partners that can deliver granular audience insights – such as mobility, spending and lifestyle data – without relying on IDs.”

The new e-guide is available for download at the Blis retail hub, along with a regional interactive map.
Through the map, marketers are able to choose different retail categories to find out the average spend in each region.
The new launch reinforces Blis’ commitment to helping the industry move forward through ID-less solutions to deliver omnichannel campaigns with a single, unified audience.




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