Adressable TV Ads

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The power of TV Advertising 


Deliver Better Results.


Relevance and Impact.


Efficient and Effective Targeting. 

AdSmart revolutionizes TV advertising by making it cost-effective and tailored to your target audience.

Choose who sees your ad, where it’s shown, and pay based on actual views.

Why grow your business through TV advertising?

TV Advertising Works

TV remains the top advertising platform, with nearly 4 hours of daily viewership per person. It’s where brands gain fame and boost sales, offering higher profit returns compared to other advertising mediums.

TV consistently outperforms other media, making it over twice as effective.

Advertising your business through TV is now accessible to virtually any business with AdSmart.

Brand Safe

Advertise your business in a trusted, brand safe and premium environment alongside world famous brands.

TV advertising is fully regulated with independently verified measurement. TV advertising is the most trusted form of advertising, giving brands a stamp of quality and credibility.


Full screen, on a big screen TV ads capture more attention and drives fame more than any other form of advertising, often watched together generating conversations and driving leads.


TV is typically over twice as effective as the next best performing medium.

TV is responsible for 71% of total advertising-generated profit at an average profit ROI, the highest of any media.

World Class Content 

TV advertising works when your ad appears in content that viewers love. Whatever our viewers choose to watch from the vast array of content available on over 140 channels on the Sky & Virgin platforms you can be sure that it matters to them, and that means your brand will appear full screen in brand safe, world class content.

Reaching your Ideal Audience 

Now  you can select the exact audience you want to reach, and your ads only play out when they’re watching. So, you can be sure every ad has impact and every penny counts.

Through a combination of Sky’s own data and third-party providers you can select which type of households will see your TV campaign. So you know it’s relevant and you’re not paying for households that won’t buy your product or service.

You can see the 10 broad categories you can tap into above. You can also identify attributes that mean they’re more likely to buy your product from our research insights.

Location Targeting

Once you have selected the right type of household, you can add the specific location(s) that matter to your business.

You can target nationally, but more often than not businesses use one of the three location options below.

Global Media | Your Brandformance Agency


Global Media | Your Brandformance Agency


Global Media | Your Brandformance Agency