Influencer Data Platform

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Now you can have access to a suite of powerful features that automate, track, and scale your gifting programs with a single tool.

Tailored to your business and influencer marketing needs.

From automated campaign tracking to a true understanding of ROI for your ambassador programs across the major social networks, dyzio is packed with features to take the pain out of influencer marketing.


In-house influencer platform.Track from social to sales.


Automated campaign tracking and white-label solutions.


Influencer data pipeline.

Data APIs and customer features.

Influencer insights and demographics

  • Analyze campaign data in real time via a ‘My Influencers’ private database 

  • View influencer follower numbers and engagement rates

  • View influencer insights from all social channels including demographics

Influencer marketing:
Impossible to track, optimize and scale

As the influencer marketing industry rapidly evolves, it has become increasingly complex and time consuming for brands to track the real impact and effectiveness of their influencer campaigns – across a growing number of platforms and data sources.


Campaign tracking is time consuming

Tracking influencer marketing campaigns is complex and massively time consuming – the only way to scale, is by hiring more people

Influencer insights are hard to access

Real-time Influencer insights data – like reach, impressions, audience demographics are either shared via screenshots, or ‘made-up’  by influencer platforms

Brands’ data is fragmented

Brands’ data is spread across multiple social media, analytics and eCommerce platforms, making it impossible to track and optimize real-time performance

We completely automate the tracking of influencer marketing performance data, giving our clients the ability to track organic and paid data, from all their influencer activities.


Providing a real-time understanding of their campaign performance and return on investment. We can access organic and paid data social data via approved API connections to Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.