Location Ads

Reach your audience cookieless 

Create and execute plans across all media channels

Deliver the best performance & ROI

What's your Goal?

Brand Awareness

Keep your brand
top of mind 

Drive site visits

Trust our accurate and precise location data to effectively target in proximity to stores 


High value interactions with customers that increase loyalty 


Turn your audience
into profits

With Location Ad campaigns we focus on automation, personalization, data-driven insights,
collaboration, and scalability.

Store Visit Monitoring

We go beyond ad impressions and clicks. We allow you to measure the impact of your campaigns on in-store traffic by tracking the devices that are exposed to your ads and actually visit the selected stores.

Reliable Control Group Creation

To accurately assess the effectiveness of your campaign, we create a control group from the same audience as the exposed group. This group serves as a benchmark for comparison, providing valuable insights into the incremental impact of your marketing efforts.

Comparative Store Monitoring

We continue monitoring the control group to see if they visit the same stores as the exposed group. This analysis helps determine whether the observed behavior, such as increased footfall, can be attributed to your campaign.

Uplift Effect Analysis

By comparing the behavior of the exposed group and the control group, we determine the uplift effect generated by your campaign. This analysis provides actionable insights into the additional devices driven into the store as a result of your marketing efforts.


Cost Efficiency Evaluation

We tie back the insights gained from the campaign’s uplift effect to your campaign spend. This evaluation allows you to understand the cost efficiency of your marketing activities, helping you optimize your budget allocation for maximum impact.