Influencer Marketing Packages

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Influencer marketing campaigns powered
by a transparent innovative platform.

Delivering end-to-end influencer marketing campaigns that are not only premium but also highly scalable.

Empower brands and e-commerce businesses with solutions that span across the entire spectrum of influencer marketing, from content creation and measurement to attribution.

The  innovative and transparent platform, ensuring that you get the results you desire.


Influencer Identification and Contracting

We meticulously identify and contract approved influencers who align perfectly with your brand’s values and goals.


High-Quality Content Creation

 Our approved influencers are masters in their craft, ensuring that the content they create is of the highest quality, engaging, and aligned with your brand’s identity.


Content Distribution

Your message is only as good as its reach. We guarantee impressions by distributing content through influencer social channels, ensuring that your message is seen by your target audience.


Real-Time Data and Analytics

Data-driven decision making is the key to success. We provide you with real-time data, analytics, performance insights, and attribution to help you fine-tune your campaigns for optimal results.

 Data-Driven Content Boosting

We use data targeting to identify the best-performing content and boost it for increased reach and engagement.

Guaranteed Audience Impressions

With an audience reach ranging from 6 million to 12 million and beyond, your message is bound to make a significant impact.

Content Licensing

We also offer content licensing options, allowing you to expand your brand’s presence across new channels and platforms.