Managing influencer campaigns effectively can be a complex and time-consuming task, especially when you have to chase influencers for screenshots of their content or track their performance on spreadsheets.

Many brands and agencies are increasingly opting for an automated influencer marketing platform to speed up workflow, streamline and optimise their campaigns.

In this  article, we’ll delve into the five primary reasons why you should embrace automated  influencer marketing platforms to elevate your  influencer marketing strategies.

What is automated influencer marketing platform?

Automated influencer marketing is the use of tools and software to handle time-consuming and repetitive tasks and streamline your campaign workflows.

These tools often include:

  • Analytic tools for collecting and analysing influencer and audience metrics.
  • Tracking tools to monitor content produced by influencers across all social media channels.
  • Reporting tools to generate insights so you can measure your results against your core KPIs and identify best performing influencers.

How using an automated influencer marketing platform benefits your influencer marketing

Using an automated influencer marketing platform can benefit your influencer marketing efforts in several ways.


One of the primary advantages of leveraging an influencer marketing software, is the automation of repetitive tasks. Automated platforms streamline your influencer marketing process, from the ground up, ranging from real-time tracking of influencer content to generation  of live campaign reports.By automating mundane tasks, your team can save significant amounts of time and effort that can be redirected toward more strategic and creative activities rather than administrative tasks. This increased efficiency can lead to more productive and focused marketing efforts.


Tracking influencer content through spreadsheets, which quickly become outdated, is an ineffective approach. Manually searching for hundreds or even thousands of Instagram and TikTok posts and stories daily is massively time-consuming.  It’s evident that a more efficient and real-time solution is needed to keep up with the dynamic nature of influencer marketing.Automated influencer marketing platforms monitor influencer-generated content in real-time. As soon as influencers hit that ‘post’ button, their content is tracked and reported within the platform. This immediate monitoring allows brands to stay current with influencer activity and audience engagement, and reduce the chances of missing important content.


Influencer marketing platforms offer detailed analytics and reporting tools where you can access data beyond social metrics from multiple sources simultaneously.Social content data – Automated platforms seamlessly connect to all major social networks, allowing you to monitor influencer-generated content with ease. By linking their social channels, you can gain valuable insights like reach and impressions.Website user behaviour – You can also connect your brand’s Google Analytics account where you can track user behaviour and engagement with influencer content, delivering a deeper understanding of how influencer-driven traffic behaves on your website.
eCommerce data – Automated platforms also allow you to connect your eCommerce store, making the generation of discount codes, tracking influencer purchases, and reporting associated orders and revenue.This real-time data helps you get more visibility into your campaigns and determine if you are achieving the performance results you were hoping for and if an influencer is meeting your expectations, helping you make data-driven decisions to optimise your  future strategies – from brand awareness to sales.


Measuring return on investment (ROI) on influencer campaigns is crucial to determine their effectiveness. Automated Influencer marketing platforms take the headache out of seeing results and measuring ROI. By automatically pulling in data from social media and multiple 3rd party data sources, you’re able to immediately see what’s working and what’s not. Helping you optimise campaigns based on data-driven insights and ensuring content quality, automated platforms help maximize the return on investment from your influencer marketing initiatives.


Manually tracking data can work for one or two influencers. Maybe even a dozen. But can it really be sustainable when you’re working with hundreds of influencers across multiple social platforms?By using an influencer marketing platform, you can scale your influencer programs more easily. Platforms help you grow in a way that wouldn’t be possible if you were using the man hours to track each influencer manually. With an automated platform you can scale your influencer marketing activities from a hundred influencers to thousands per campaign.



Automated influencer marketing platforms like Dyzio, ensure you have the right processes and technology in place to support your teams, which will make a positive impact by saving time and help you deliver real results.Dyzio simplifies ROI measurement, enhances campaign efficiency and provides the scalability needed to handle numerous influencers across multiple platforms seamlessly. In short, Dyzio empowers brands and agencies to maximise the impact of their influencer marketing efforts, saving time, enhancing results, and optimising  ROI.



Using an automated influencer marketing platform can  revolutionise your influencer marketing efforts by enhancing efficiency,  providing real-time insights, simplifying content tracking, improving ROI measurement and scaling. It’s a strategic move  that empowers you to  navigate the dynamic landscape of influencer marketing with greater ease and effectiveness. 

If you are looking to automate repetitive tasks and save time with your influencer marketing activities, get in touch with our team of experts to discuss your needs.



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