With the rise of tools like ChatGPT, artificial intelligence (AI)-powered tools are being integrated into our daily lives. While AI technology has been around since 1951, the breadth of AI applications and its impact on both work and society is becoming increasingly apparent to the general public. However, in recent years, several tools and technologies have used […]

YouTube has taken the internet by storm, becoming the world’s most widely-used video platform. With over 2.68 billion monthly active users, the platform remains incredibly useful for marketers. YouTube advertising is a great way to increase brand awareness, drive online traffic, and improve customer engagement. You can utilize so many types of ads on YouTube for […]

In a world where environmental concerns are growing by the day, sustainability has become more than just a buzzword—it’s a necessity. The hotel industry, a major player in the global economy, has a significant impact on the environment. This impact, however, is mitigated through thoughtful and innovative sustainable practices. Hotel marketers have a crucial role […]

Always-on marketing takes a dynamic and ongoing approach to digital. Every destination marketer battles seasonal swings. One week, your destination is bursting with guests, the next your crowds are gone. While it’s tempting to scale back marketing efforts during low seasons or even during economic uncertainty, travelers are booking and planning anytime and anywhere. Always-on marketing […]

Blis, the audience-first platform that doesn’t rely on personal data, announced the launch of its new retail hub, hosting its new research-based e-guide and an interactive map showing regional spending habits across different retail categories. The hub will help marketers understand consumers’ preferences and motivations as well as practical tips on overcoming today’s challenges. Blis’ […]

In the world of advertising, video has emerged as a powerful tool in today’s digital landscape. Video advertising is at an all-time high—92% of marketers prioritize video ads for the high ROI potential. From high click-through rates to increased lead generation, here’s why video advertising works to drive results and help businesses connect with their target audience. WHY […]

Managing influencer campaigns effectively can be a complex and time-consuming task, especially when you have to chase influencers for screenshots of their content or track their performance on spreadsheets. Many brands and agencies are increasingly opting for an automated influencer marketing platform to speed up workflow, streamline and optimise their campaigns. In this  article, we’ll […]

Video is one of the best ways for brands to get attention. And with YouTube being one of the largest video-sharing platforms online, marketers are becoming more inclined to spend their advertising dollars there in hopes of earning a significant return on investment (ROI). Despite YouTube’s incredible marketing opportunities, there’s no guarantee your ad campaign […]